What makes us different?

There are so many good research companies doing work in Canada and abroad that you might wonder how we at Armstrong Research could differentiate ourselves.

Well, right off the top we have all the qualities of people who have been around for a long time — judgment, wisdom, breadth and depth of experience — plus we have the determination and verve that accompanies an entrepreneurial spirit.

Since we have been studying people for over 20 years, our research is always carried out in the context of what we already know about trends in public and stakeholder opinion and, of course, social change.

We are passionate about what we do. Everyone in our industry says this but, in our case, the truth is that we really are passionate because, as an independent company, we have the freedom to do research on topics that truly interest us and about which we think we can deliver some useful insights.

We are like academic researchers in that we are well versed in the accepted and established methods of scientific survey research. But we are also business professionals, which means that we know how the world works and we know how to manage projects so that we can “deliver the goods,” so to speak.

Our interest in new technologies for data collection and analysis, combined with our commitment to working with young, tech-savvy research associates gives us the best of both worlds.

We work closely with our clients to design a research methodology, carry out the data collection process, analyse the results and present an interpretative report on the findings.

A Note to Our Respondents and Clients

If you are a participant in one of our many research projects, you may not care whether we are unique. Like any respondent to any study, you probably just want to know that we conduct research according to the standards of our industry and that your privacy is protected. Please click on our privacy policy for a full discussion of why you should feel comfortable participating in our research initiatives.

But on the other hand, if you are interested in doing business with us (or have already done so), we WANT you to care about what makes us worth a second look. Because if you care, that tells us that we probably have a future together! For more about what we do and what makes us worth a second look, please click on What we do.