Our Philosophy

Some observers and players in the research industry today believe that the growing use of the internet for automated data collection has made research findings a simple commodity. We don’t agree.

The Role of the Researcher

We think that while the sampling and data collection side of research activity can indeed be furnished at a much lower cost than in the past when there was little scope for technologically-enabled data collection methods, we also believe that there will always be a role for intelligent, professional involvement in project design, management and of course interpretation of results.

This is why we spend time with our current clients explaining our vision of the future of research. We work with them to deliver affordable sampling and data collection methods combined with the expert judgment and analysis of experienced professional researchers.

The Importance of Context

We also think that there is no substitute for the kind of content-related knowledge that a long-time researcher delivers to clients. We are talking about “context.” It’s all about knowing when to get excited about a particular finding and when to tell the client to take something with a grain of salt.

  • How significant are certain findings, relative to other findings on a similar topic?
  • Does the research suggest a notable change in the way people generally feel about certain issues?
  • What does the literature suggest about the underlying factors that could be motivating people to think the way they do?